Christopher is the kind of director that listens to the playwright and does his best to bring out the true intentions of the play, whether by challenging the actors involved or working with the playwright on the script, he is determined to find the truth and power behind each scene, character, and moment.

The rehearsal room with Christopher is a collaborative space. When working on new plays Chris really let’s the actors explore the characters, and then guides them to his vision in a way that feels organic. I have learned so much about my own work while watching Chris direct it. 
— Cassie Seinuk
Christopher Randolph’s involvement in my first play “The International” was crucial. His acute sense of drama and tireless quest for truth and clarity was the driving force behind the productions success.

He is peerless as a dramaturg and director.

My play, The International, was fully realized mainly because of Christopher’s dramaturgy and leadership as a director.
— Tim Ruddy