Eyes Shut. Door Open.

Christopher Randolph is the kind of director that listens to the playwright and does his best to bring out the true intentions of the play, whether by challenging the actors involved or working with the playwright on the script, he is determined to find the truth and power behind each scene, character, and moment.
— Cassie Seinuk, playwright
Christopher Randolph is the kind of director I never knew I needed. I can be very stubborn as a performer and have a hard time breaking out of my usual habits and comfort zone, but Christopher was able to guide me where I needed to be, and did so with what I can only describe as infinite patience. He is thoughtful, attentive, intuitive, and entirely supportive of his performers in every way; I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
— Victor Shopov, actor

The International

Christopher Randolph’s involvement in my first play “The International” was crucial. His acute sense of drama and tireless quest for truth and clarity was the driving force behind the productions success.
— Tim Ruddy, Playwright
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Christopher Randolph directed me in one of my favorite theatrical experiences. He was a guiding force without stepping on the actors’ creativity, always trusting we would find our way with the gentle shaping of a truly gifted hand. I’ve worked with him several times now and I look forward to more. He is thoughtful and exacting at the same time and I’ve never seen a show of his that fails to hit the mark.
— Carey Van Driest, 1st Irish Award winner, Best Actress

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Dorothy of Nowhere

Christopher Randolph was invaluable to the process of bringing Dorothy of Nowhere to life. Working with him to go from script to stage was a delight. He doesn’t come to the table trying to push an agenda for the piece on to you, he works with you to realize the truest vision of your idea. Not every director works like that. His insight is excellent, and apart from anything, he’s just a nice guy. A good man to work with.
— Thomas Burns Scully, Award-winning playwright
Christopher Randolph is insightful, generous and supportive; a real actor’s director. Working with him made me a better actor than I was before. He is always the first person I recommend to others, and I still call on him for advice, coaching and insight on a regular basis.
— Helen McMillan, 1st Irish Award Nominee, Best Actress